What Qualifications Do Electricians In Marsfield Need To Have?

When looking for a qualified electrician in Marsfield you need to make a point of getting referrals from people you know and trust, these people will normally be happy to share with you their local electrician. If an electrical company is qualified they will be listed in the "fit & test" register with their local council. This is just one way of ensuring that the electrical company has met certain criteria.

The next thing you need to do is firstly determine what type of electrician in Marsfield will best suit your electrical needs, it is often beneficial to utilise an electrical company who is not only qualified but also has the right type of accreditation to carry out work in your local area. There are two main bodies in Australia which accredit electricians, these are the Accreditation Council for electricians and the Accreditation Board for installation, design and technical maintenance of electrical systems. In Australia you can find electricians operating under either body, all you need to do is ensure that your electrical company is registered with both bodies. If you are not sure whether an electrical company is qualified to undertake work in your area then you should contact either of the bodies to help you identify qualified electrical company.

All electricians must hold a valid Australian certificate. To find this, you will need to do some research on the Internet, using either Google or your regional government agency website. Once you have identified a suitable electrical company, you should then request a business reference. As previously stated, electricians are required to be licensed in order to work in Australia, if your electrical company is refusing to provide you with the references then it may be because they are not licensed. You can then contact the appropriate regulatory body to assist you identify licensed electrical company who are willing to work.

It is always important to ask to see a copy of their ID card. This will ensure that they are not undertaking work that they are not qualified to do and will also confirm that they are working in line with the law and your company's rules. All electricians should carry their ID cards at all times as this will prove they are working under a legitimate trade organisation. All electricians should also be affiliated with the Contractors' Association of Australia (CAOA) as they would also have a copy of their CAO membership card.

The list of qualifications that an electrician in Marsfield should possess should be short and easily identifiable. The first step to checking to ensure a potential electrician is accredited to carry out work in your area is to get a contact number from them. Next, you should ask whether they are members of the Contractors' Association of Australia (CAOA) and if so, whether this is an accredited organization. If they are members, you can ask to see their membership card.

An electrician in Marsfield should also have a list of companies they work for on hand. Check these to ensure that they are not a person who is just going to accept work that they find. You can also ask to see their license or registration number from the relevant authority. If they do not hold a valid license or registration number, they are not legally allowed to work in the area and you may wish to consider employing an electrical company who does.

Some electricians may advertise that they can undertake work in Marsfield without the need for up front fees. This is often considered to be misleading as it may indicate that they are not fully authorised to work in the area. Any electrical company who wishes to be considered for work in Marsfield should have all of the qualifications mentioned previously. They should also have references provided by their previous employers. Finally, Local Ryde Electrical has their own website where anyone wishing to view information on their work, or in which to contact them, can find it easily.